Esperanza Threads

Organic Cotton Clothing


Various refugees from around the world have relocated in Cleveland, Ohio in the USA. Karen [from Burma] is working on an Esperanza Threads garment.

If you could do something good for yourself and those you love as well as help heal the globe while giving a leg up to people with barriers to employment–you would probably do it. Wow! What a goal! That is what Esperanza Threads offers to you, one purchase at a time.

As a people, we have been unwittingly saturated with chemicals and now we can make a conscious turn-around. Let’s restore a healthful balance that affects our health and the environment and provides fair wage jobs for those who live next door to us. Create change by reaching critical mass and tipping the scale by choosing to purchase products good for you, good for the environment and good for its workers.

Please note: orders take 14-21 days after processing (on the next business day).