About Us


Our Mission

Various refugees from around the world have relocated in Cleveland, Ohio. Karen [Burmese] is working on an Esperanza Threads garment.


Our mission is to improve the lives of individuals with barriers to employment through sewing training in practices that protect health of people and the environment while preparing them fro fairly paid and sustainable jobs.


Our Vision

To train people in a non-violent, nurturing environment that prepares them to provide for themselves and their families while building dignity and self-esteem.

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We welcome your calls at (216) 961-9009 or toll free at (800) 397-0045.

Office & Mailing Address
1370 West 69th Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44102




How You Can Help

Esperanza Threads sustains itself through three areas of fundraising: manufacturing proceeds, grants and donations. We are seeking partners and volunteers for the following opportunities:

  • Sponsorships: Esperanza Threads is looking for donations to buy machines for training individuals for other businesses that are seeking sewing workers.
  • Internships: Volunteer interns skilled in marketing and social media can help us grow our business.
  • Volunteers: We need volunteers to help with sales at markets, churches and shows.

To help us with our mission, please contact:

Esperanza Threads
1370 West 69th Street
Cleveland, OH 44102
Phone: 800-397-0045
Email: customerservice@esperanzathreads.com


Thank you for your interest in helping our mission!

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